I know that most people have to travel on a schedule. People with jobs, people in school, people with families (I guess the general population excepting wanderlust twenty-something’s) typically have a minimal amount of time that they can spend traveling. In that case, schedules make sense. Maybe they are necessary. But in my position, having […]

Why does it take traveling all the way around the world to realize that the way we Americans go about food shopping is so ass-backwards? I know we acclimate to what’s normal and don’t think much to question it, but my god we do it all wrong! The grocery-store-supermarket concept, the shopping once a week, […]

As the days start to slide by, my body and mind are adjusting more and more to the lifestyle I’ll be inhabiting for the next several months. My internal list of necessities is greatly simplified (Drink water. Eat food. Write. Wander. Sleep at night.) as is my imaginary ‘to do’ list. Something about the wanderlust […]

There’s a transformation that occurs when I get on an overseas flight, pack everything I need for months into a backpack, say goodbye to loved ones and head out to begin a completely unknown chapter in another place. It’s a subtle and ineffable change, but after traveling so much since childhood, it feels like putting […]

Perhaps I’m destined to leave my blogs unkempt and unattended for months at a time before returning to them. If that’s the case, so be it! I’m back to KatesKnife with a slightly different perspective from the last time I wrote, and with that comes a fresh intention in writing. Exactly what that intention is […]

I must say, working at Whole Foods certainly has its perks. Even with the employee discount I still refer to it as “Whole Paycheck” since most of my income is eaten up by my food budget, but I’ll be the first to admit that is by choice. I mean really, spending 40 hours a week […]

Oh jeez. I am admittedly already not keeping up with the blogging world, and it’s only been a couple months. This thing is harder than it seems! I mean there’s the whole conceptualizing recipes thing (easy), cooking (easy, except when baking dishes spontaneously combust in my oven), eating (really easy), writing everything down that I […]

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