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Really?! Three and a half months gone just like that? That’s it? How does life do this? Twenty minutes ago I was in Bangkok trying to ignore the rivulets of sweat making their way down my back, scavenging street food stalls down diesel-perfumed alleys, stepping over mangey street dogs and piles of trash. And now […]

The Rabbit Hole and Salt Fish

As the days left in my trip abroad drop from double digits into the singles, I am slipping into a new phase of my travel, and embodying a decidedly different mindset than the one I've carried for months now. I'm no longer reading travel blogs and researching cities online, tracing my fingers along maps, inventing […]

Bye Bye Bali

I have a confession to make. It’s something that I’ve been resisting for days, a reality that I’ve been pushing to the side, like a stranger who keeps walking past me but with whom I’ve refused to make eye contact. This reality finally came to an undeniable pinnacle when I landed in Kuala Lumpur last […]

Kitchen Woe

Oh yeah, hey Blog. How are we, besides feeling a little abandoned? It’s been a while since I last posted. And honestly it’s been a while since I sat down in front of a meal and whipped out my trusty iPhone to obsessively photograph my food from three separate angles before enjoying it. Old habits […]

Elusive Omelet, Life Lessons

I have always believed that cities are great for teaching people lessons. When you’re trying to avoid a shoulder check while walking in a crowd, finding a way to Tetris yourself onto the train that’s nearly leaving the platform, or locating the closest public restroom before you have a curry accident in your pants, cities […]

Sticking Power

Ok, Lao food is officially blowing my mind. Don’t get me wrong – I’ve been in flavor heaven all 4 weeks of my trip so far, but Laos is something different. Since arriving in Luang Prabang for the second time this month, and this time around spending more time doing much less, I have had […]

I’m On A Boat

I know that most people have to travel on a schedule. People with jobs, people in school, people with families (I guess the general population excepting wanderlust twenty-something’s) typically have a minimal amount of time that they can spend traveling. In that case, schedules make sense. Maybe they are necessary. But in my position, having […]

Quite Alone

"To awaken quite alone in a strange town is one of the pleasantest sensations in the world" – Freya Stark

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