Beginning Again, Again

Perhaps I’m destined to leave my blogs unkempt and unattended for months at a time before returning to them. If that’s the case, so be it! I’m back to KatesKnife with a slightly different perspective from the last time I wrote, and with that comes a fresh intention in writing.

Exactly what that intention is I have yet to find out, but it is without a doubt related to all things eating and food adventuring, of course.

As I write this I’m sitting on a deck at the end of a jetty in Georgetown, Malaysia on the island of Penang. The water beyond the deck is inky black and calm, illuminated and shimmering red from temples lit up for Chinese New Year this weekend.

From here I’ll travel to Thailand, spending a month in the northern city of Chiang Mai before heading onwards towards Burma, Bali, possibly Laos and more Malaysia as I finish my trip in May and head back to the states.

I’ve only been in SE Asia for two weeks and already I’m clearing my photo library out of the embarrassing number of food photos I’ve taken. It did not take me long to get over the disbelieving stares of locals as I meticulously photograph my breakfast from 3 different angles. Obviously the hipster-fueled food blogging sensation hasn’t quite infiltrated Asian societies.

So there will be drool-worthy food photos a plenty, and I’ll write recipes as I can (and hopefully I’ll get to do some cooking myself so I can figure out some of the dishes I enjoy so much).

The food in this area of the world is my absolute favorite and already I’m in tastebud heaven. Everything I’ve heard about street food in Malaysia is completely bonafide, and I’ve confirmed that over the 256 meals I’ve eaten in the last four days.
My dreams have been infiltrated with visions of hot pot with fresh greens and satay doused in peanut sauce, rice noodles with fresh shrimp and sweet soy sauce, sweet Chinese oranges, piles of sugared ginger, bacon snacks and clay pots overflowing with stewed chicken and rice topped with fresh spring onions.

Oh, and plates of crispy pork belly with sweet chili sauce. Nuff said.

And, what? Thailand next? Good god. Belly ready! Good thing there’s CrossFit in Chiang Mai – I’ll need to be working my ass off to eat as much as I plan to… šŸ™‚
I’ll keep you all updated as best I can throughout my adventure into the cuisines and cultures here – I can’t wait to dig in!



  1. super, SUPER, jealous where you’re at right now! please keep up this blog!!! the pictures are amazing (totally worth the baffled stares of locals!) and your writing style is awesome. have fun out there…and who knows, maybe snap a picture of CrossFit Chiang Mai-style?

  2. Dr Louise Rose · · Reply

    Happy to have your snappy voice back online! Miss you as I prepare a few items for a little Chinese New Year Celebration tonight- Hopefully I’ll perfect the gluten free dumplings and bao and we can cook together when you’re back in the PNW!

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