Radishes with Butter and Smoked Salt

I am all about snacking in the summertime. Three square meals a day just doesn’t work for me (I’m a grazer by nature) and during the summer I get full quickly and have to eat pretty much all the time, so snacks are where it’s at.  Plus I love eating, so this works out very well. Double plus I work at Whole Foods so I get to snack-rummage through the funnest grocery store ever at the detriment of my bank account. Really awesome.

One favorite snack that caught my attention the other day was radishes. I completely forgot about these guys! I rarely buy them  for some reason, but I love shredding them on salads, roasting them, eating them plain…doesn’t matter to me.

I also love the classic French combination of radishes, butter and salt, and during a particularly short snack-break in my kitchen the other day I recalled the fabulous mish-mash and upon digging through my salt piles found an Applewood smoked salt I picked up in Portland a couple years ago.

Bam. Delicious.

This combo is so simple that the quality of the butter and salt will really make a difference (and if you use margarine and classic white table salt it will taste like shit. Just saying.) so choose wisely!

Radishes with Butter and Smoked Salt

1 bunch of radishes (white, red, fat, skinny, don’t matter)

Really good butter (I splurge on the Smor butter from Iceland when I want gooooood butter) at room temperature

Smoked salt (Foster and Dobbs in Portland, OR is where I pcked up mine!)


Slice radishes, slather soft butter on slices, sprinkle with salt. Devour.


But what to do with the tops?! I hate throwing away food (yes, even ‘inedible’ tops of root vegetables) and I don’t have a compost pile, so I had to come up with something to do with those delicate, spicy greens. What did I do? Stay tuned!! 🙂


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